‘Tears of joy’: Palestinian children embrace Israeli soldier as he dies in Syria

Palestinians are celebrating the death of a soldier from the Israeli army who was killed in Syria in a suspected assassination.

The Israeli army said on Tuesday that its soldier, 19-year-old Shadi Shafik, was killed during a raid by Syrian forces in the Syrian town of Mafraq, in an apparent hit by Syrian air strikes.

A picture of the soldier, whose name has not been released, circulated on social media in the wake of his death.

The Palestinian president of the West Bank, Mahmoud Abbas, said in a statement that he had been in contact with the father of Shafak’s father and had expressed his grief to him.

“The Israeli government must take responsibility for the death and must compensate the family of the deceased soldier, Shadi, for the loss of his life,” Abbas said.

“It is not enough to simply take action to defend the occupation, and the government must also do everything possible to prevent attacks on our civilians.”

The Israeli defence ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a tweet on Monday, the Palestinian leadership called on the Israeli government to “immediately release the body of Shadi and pay compensation to the family”.

Shafik was reported to have served with the 1st Battalion of the Israel Defence Forces in the Gaza Strip.

How to use Google Maps to get to the grocery store

A quick trip from the grocery or office can be a lot easier if you can find your way to your nearest car repair shop.

It’s not always a simple matter to locate your nearest vehicle repair shop, however, and it can be quite a task to find the nearest place to buy a vehicle.

A number of factors can impact where to buy your next vehicle, including whether or not your nearest parking lot is occupied, traffic conditions, or your destination city has its own parking system.

If you’re going to be buying a new vehicle, it’s a good idea to find out what parking lots are currently occupied in your area before you buy, and to check whether your nearest garage is full before purchasing.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the steps you can take to find your nearest grocery store, car repair, and garage, and then show you how to make a quick trip to the nearest store in the process.

In the process, we’re going in-depth about the different factors that impact car repair and garage shopping, including which garage shops have a large parking lot and which ones have no parking lot.

This article will walk you through the steps to find a grocery store near you, and how to get there using Google Maps.

Find your nearest shopping center first Once you’ve identified your nearest location to buy the next vehicle in your car, it will likely be a good place to begin looking for the closest car repair or garage.

Your best bet for finding a garage is to go online and search for a specific car repair in your location.

Some people find this a bit tricky, as it’s usually a bit hard to find that specific garage.

For this article we’re only going to use the Google Maps app, which has a built-in garage search feature.

To use this feature, you’ll need to download the Google Map API.

Open up the Google Play Store and then tap on the “Maps” tab.

Scroll down to the bottom of the search results page, and tap “Add Garage.”

Google Maps will show up in the list of search results.

Tap on the garage search option, and the garage searching page will appear.

You’ll need the address of the nearest car shop to enter your address, and click “Add.”

Once you have entered your address and clicked “Add,” Google Maps should start loading the garage shopping search page.

Search for a garage You’ll see a number of options here.

If your address is within 10 miles of your nearest auto repair shop or garage, you can enter the address directly into the search box.

If that address is in an urban area, the address will appear as a circle.

To enter a garage, simply enter your destination street and city, then select “Add a garage.”

If you only want to search for garage sales in an area where a garage sale is happening, you should use “Add sales” instead.

Click on “Add garage.”

Now you should see a list of car repair locations near your current location, along with a list with prices and hours of operation.

Click “Next” to begin the search.

If the garage is listed in your city, you will also see the area of the city where it’s located.

Clicking on “Next,” you will be shown an overview of the garage you are currently searching for.

In addition, the garage will have a detailed description of the repair, along the bottom.

The garage will also display how long it will take for the car to be fixed.

When you’re finished, you might have to scroll down to find other nearby locations.

You can also zoom in and out, zoom in to see a bigger picture, and move around the view.

At the bottom you’ll see your estimated price, estimated hours of service, and estimated vehicle inventory.

Click the “Save search results” button, and you should be shown a summary of your search results as well as the total amount of time and money you paid for the garage.

Now it’s time to head to the garage yourself.

The best time to visit a garage to repair your vehicle is after your next maintenance or replacement has been completed.

The repair shop will likely have a few extra hours of operations available if you go ahead and visit after your maintenance.

If this is the case, it would be best to go ahead a few hours ahead to see if the car is still working.

If not, it is likely that you will have to pay a premium for the service that you’ll receive, and if you want to avoid that, you may want to visit before your next repair.

If there are any issues with your vehicle, you must contact the repair shop first to get your repair done.

Once the repair is complete, you’re free to go, and your car will be fixed and ready to go.

Now that you know where to go to buy and fix your next car, the next step is to visit the nearest auto shop.

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