What a ride! A guide to auto paint shops in New York

The auto paint shop experience can be overwhelming.

The fact that it is a process, and that the shop is not just an extension of your car is one of its key selling points.

But a few new places are popping up across the country, offering a more personalized experience, like Auto-Polishing Salon in Long Island City, New York, or Auto-Paint Shop in the Bronx.

The former is open every day of the week and is the only one that accepts credit cards.

The latter is a one-of-a-kind business that only accepts debit cards, and has a few unique features, including a live paint demonstration.

Here’s what you need to know about these auto paint stores.

Auto-polishing salon

Toys ‘R’ Us wants to open a brick-and-mortar store in the US

Toys ‘r’ Us has said it wants to bring its brick- and-mortart retail operation to the United States in the next few years, but is not yet sure if that will happen.

The retail giant announced Tuesday it will open a store in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of a broader plan to expand its U.S. retail footprint to include stores in other major cities and states.

The announcement comes as Toys ‘N’ Things, the world’s largest toy company, announced plans to open two stores in New York and Boston later this year.

The company said it plans to expand to about 10 new cities and 20 new states in the coming years, and the plans could include locations in both urban and suburban markets.

It also said it will expand into more suburban markets in the near future, including the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Atlanta.

Toys ‘R ‘Us declined to release specific plans or dates for expansion.

The company has previously said it has plans to add more than 700 stores in the United Sates by the end of the year.

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