A new way to get money for a life-changing surgery is being piloted by the Indian government

The government is planning to pilot a new payment scheme for people with life-saving surgeries, after a similar one failed to deliver any significant results in the past.

The new plan is aimed at improving patient satisfaction and delivering better outcomes.

“We believe this new payment plan will be a big success.

There is huge potential,” Health Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

The scheme will be rolled out over two years.

Currently, the government only offers payments to people who have the surgery and are willing to spend at least Rs 500 per day, while the average cost is around Rs 2,000 per day.

But it was only recently that the government rolled out a payment scheme to pay for the surgery of an Indian soldier who died in a mortar attack, after he had his surgery done at a private hospital.

The government was also looking into the possibility of extending the programme to people with more complicated procedures, such as surgeries involving heart bypasses, or surgeries to remove tumours.

However, it was not able to get the medical team involved in these projects, according to an official from the Health Ministry.

The latest attempt to bring a new model to the healthcare sector is likely to be aimed at reducing costs for the government, and help in making it more attractive to those who want to go for a major surgery, said Sanjay Sood, professor of health management at Harvard Medical School.

“There is a growing awareness of the need to save money in the healthcare space.

But there is a lot of skepticism around whether or not this will translate to more patients,” he said.

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