New York City to ban $500 coupon code for $500 off all upholstered items

NEW YORK CITY, NY — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday signed a bill that will prohibit retailers from using the $500 gift card coupon code to pay for all up-holstering or cleaning services.

Cuomo said the measure was necessary to protect New Yorkers from the rising cost of living.

The measure is a response to a new type of online coupon, which is intended to encourage consumers to spend money online.

It is not illegal to pay with the $300 gift card.

It will now be illegal to use the $250 coupon code in any way, such as to pay to use a discount store, an outlet, or a delivery service, according to the bill signed by Cuomo.

It will also be illegal for retailers to accept credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid debit cards.

The bill says that any retailer that uses the $200 coupon code will be required to display a sign stating the code on all merchandise purchased.

“It is imperative that our citizens have access to safe, clean, and sanitary indoor spaces that offer good value,” Cuomo said.

“As governor, I have made it clear that we will continue to work to make our cities and towns safe, healthy, and free from air pollution.”

The new law will be effective January 1.

The ban is one of several proposed measures Cuomo has taken to combat rising air pollution.

The state is the nation’s most populous, and the city of New York has the most expensive air pollution in the nation, according an analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cuomo has said he plans to close down coal-fired power plants by the end of this year, and he has pushed to ban diesel vehicles from the state.

The governor has also proposed closing down coal power plants.

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