‘Sweet Shop’: The Vapor Shop Is Now Open at Crystal Stores

Sweet Shop is a Vapor Shop that sells vaping gear and accessories online.

The Vapor Shop opened in Crystal Stores in July.

The store is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 9:30 a.ms. to 3 p.ms., and Saturday from 9 p.mo. to 5 p.pm.

The Vapor Store also sells other vaping products such as batteries, chargers, and accessories.

Sweet Shop was founded by Jason and Rachel Hildebrandt.

The Hildebrands are former members of the legendary Grateful Dead band.

They say their goal is to provide quality vape products that will help people enjoy their vaping and vape culture.

Sweet Shop has become one of the most popular vaping and vaping related stores in the country.

“It’s really exciting to be a part of this company,” said Jason Hildefeldt.

“We love this community and the people of Crystal.

We just wanted to make sure that we could be the best in the world for all of our customers.”

Hildebrandts father, Keith, also founded Sweet Shop.

Keith Hildeand founded the shop in 1994 in the San Fernando Valley in Orange County, California.

The Hildebunds bought the shop after Keith died in 2005.

“This has been a dream come true for us,” said Hildebutt.

Hildebutts father died in 2017, and he and Jason set up the Vapor Shop in 2018.

Hilarbrandt and Hildebrothers two sons, Justin and Travis, have been working together since 2018.

Justin and Travis are currently in their second year at Crystal Springs High School.

Justin Hildewill be a sophomore in high school in 2018 and Travis Hilde will be a freshman in 2019.

Hilberbrandts son, Nick, is also a sophomore at Crystal Schools.

He is a junior at Crystal High School and is a former cheerleader.

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