Im a sucker for new and interesting things. This post is a compilation of some of my favorite things to try from around the web. Please feel free to link to these if you want to share.

title If you have an idea for an embroidering shop, please let me know!

article title Embroideries are amazing!

article post title Ive never used a needlepoint or marker before, so I cant say much.

I love to draw and paint, but I am also very good at knitting.

article post topic article title I like the idea of getting a vintage car as a gift.

article topic topic topic title This is a photo of my son playing in the backyard.

article source Reddit article title This thread is for the DIYers who are looking to do things like make their own paper flowers.

article article title Is there a place on Reddit for people who are really into the idea that the internet is the perfect place for this?

article topic article topic title Youre going to love this post on the design of the cat.

article link title The post is tagged “how to make a coffee table”.

article title “What if youre an artist and your goal is to create a sculpture of something in your art collection?” article link topic article link article title Why do you need to know this?

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