You’re the one who should have the hair cut

The barber in this town was once the man to beat.

Today, the city is run by a former governor, a former congressman, and a former city councilman who just happens to have the most hair on his head.

The hair in this city is not a product of circumstance, it’s a product for which there is no natural enemy.

The barber shops of Denton, Texas are run by the same people who built the city and the highways.

There are more barbers than there are bars.

It’s just that there are no barbers.

A city that has been so well-intentioned in its efforts to revitalize its downtown has instead made the same mistakes as many other American cities.

What started out as a way to attract business in the city has now turned into a place that has a very bad reputation.

For years, the barbers in Denton had a hard time attracting customers.

At first, they had to come in the back of the salon to try and make sure everyone had a haircut.

Now, the owner of the bar is trying to convince customers to leave by putting up signs outside the shop saying, “You don’t have to be here.”

“They think this is just an old, worn-out establishment,” the bar owner told the Associated Press.

“I’m here to be part of something new.”

Denton has one of the highest rates of car thefts in the country, and even though the city recently began offering free rides to its residents, the police department has had to spend millions of dollars to install more cameras and surveillance equipment.

“You can’t have an environment where people feel safe to walk around,” Denton Mayor Randy Smith told the AP.

Dirk Schuessler, a local businessman who lives in the area, told the newspaper that his customers were more afraid of the police than of crime.

But it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Denton has a problem.

According to the FBI, Denton is one of only three cities in the U.S. with a rate of gun homicides higher than 25 percent, the second highest in the nation.

In 2010, Darnell Wilson was shot and killed by a Denton police officer after a dispute with Wilson over a parking spot.

Last year, a Dennys barber named Tony Tabor was accused of killing his girlfriend in front of her daughter, who is four years old.

Tabor was arrested on a charge of second-degree murder, but a jury found him not guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Even though the bar owners were so busy lobbying for a new law to allow for free haircuts, they were caught in the middle of a heated debate that turned violent.

An angry mob stormed the bar in May, throwing bottles, chairs, and other objects at the bar’s window and yelling obscenities.

It was a tense situation for Denton bar owners, but not for the city.

They had made the argument that the bar was a business and that the police were necessary to keep people safe.

They were also wrong.

On Tuesday, Dennies police chief Steve Smith was charged with murder and obstruction of justice for what he described as a “riotous” incident that led to injuries to five people, including two police officers.

Smith has been charged with a number of crimes and has not yet been charged in connection with the barbs.

He was scheduled to appear in court for an arraignment on Wednesday.

And the fight for the bar remains far from over.

While the city’s new mayor promised to bring back the old barbers, his plans are unclear.

When the barowners filed suit, they also claimed that the city had failed to properly vet the new barbers and that they had not been paid for their services.

That is something the city does have to worry about.

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